Wednesday, February 4, 2009

freedom fries

I had some fries with my lunch today. And as I was eating them, I thought to myself the same thing I usually think when eating fries: these are good, as is. Like, I don't need ketchup on them.

It seems like everybody puts stuff on their fries. Most Americans like ketchup. The Belgians, as we know from "Pulp Fiction," enjoy theirs with mayonnaise. The Brits have a preference for malt vinegar. But to me, a plain fry is a good fry. Actually, check that: I do use salt and pepper.

But think about it: a french fry is a part of the potato, deep-fried in oil. Most things that are deep-fried are delicious! And even without ketchup or any other condiment, except salt and pepper, fries seem delicious to me. I guess I'm unique like that.

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CTV said...

In the immortal words of Mark Sandman:

On 6-6-66 I was little I didn't know shit and

on 7-7-77 eleven years later still don't know any better

by 8-8-88 it's way too late for me to
change and

by 9-9-99 I hope I'm sittin' on the back porch drinkin' red wine singin'

Ohhhhhh French Fries with Pepper!

Ohhhhh French Fries with Pepper!