Saturday, April 10, 2010

the future is here

Nothing special to report tonight, just that I'm writing this particular entry on my laptop computer in San Francisco. I've never blogged so far from home before, people! I'm feeling very techie at the moment, kind of a dapper man-about-town. Of course, I'm in my hotel room instead of some hip SF coffeehouse. But you know what my fans in Asia say: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

More about my laptop: it's a honey. An Acer, I think a 10.3 inch. Just a tiny step up from a netbook, but a big enough step to have Windows 7. Haven't figured out all the kinks yet, though. Like, I want to load up an image for this entry, like I normally do. How do I do that on a laptop? Is that what the camera's for? Let's try turning the camera on ... now. Trying to get a picture of myself, blogging on the laptop. It's not working. Damn.

Still, I think I've got a message for the Twenty-Teens: there's a new player in town. He's got a laptop, and he can blog on it. And he's got a cell phone, and even an MP3 player. And an electric toothbrush. Hell, I've had that for like 15 years! The future is here, everyone. It's definitely here.

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