Saturday, November 1, 2008


I know, I know, you people want to hear all about my trip out to Cally! I'll get to that, trust me. But first, I've got another important piece of business to attend to ...

It's hard to believe, with all the mud I've been slingin' and blood I've been spillin' here, that my most controversial work would revolve around fruit. But several readers have sent in some heated remarks about my piece on nectarines. Interestingly, they both had anecdotes about some time or other when they had a nectarine and it was really good. Like, you know, la de da. But then they had to go on about how peaches weren't "all that," and how nectarines were way better, and so forth. One of them even compared eating a fuzzy peach to "trying to eat a baby's head."

I think what we have here, ladies, is a failure to communicate. I mean, what part of "peaches are better than nectarines" don't you get? And the forcefulness of your comments just reassures me that I'm really onto something, and it's making some people uneasy. You know what they say: The closer you get to the mark, the more the mark gets defensive and angry, and realizes that there's a truth-sayer out there who's tired of all this hysteria and hype about nectarines, and that he's going to pull the veil away from a lot of people's eyes and help them see the light.

Sometime over the weekend, I swear, I'll get to the San Francisco trip. Peace out ...

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