Sunday, September 14, 2008

McCain-Palin, part 1

You know, people, I wrote an amusing entry shortly after John McCain picked Sarah Palin, commenting on his selection of someone from Monty Python. But it turns out that this is not a comedy. After reading an article about her in the NY Times on Sunday, it seems more like a damn horror movie. Some of the more frightening features: once elected governor, Palin appointed old friends from junior high school with little or no applicable experience to high-ranking, high-paying state posts. She's vengeful as all hell, and used her power to get a variety of municipal officials or employees fired (not just that one dude, the state trooper). She relies on charm to gloss over her lack of knowledge about issues. She's ambitious as all hell. She takes more vacation time than George Bush. As mayor, she tried to have books censored or removed from the public library, and even went after the staff of the town museum. Want more? Read the article.
This kind of reminds me of the whole Clarence Thomas thing. Remember that? You know, a grossly unqualified GOP lackey being nominated to a exceedingly important position, for reasons completely unrelated to competency or merit. But everything worked out just fine in the end there, right? So maybe we shouldn't be so alarmed about "The Barracuda" after all.

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