Wednesday, September 10, 2008

menaces II society

I've been in Mad City for over a year now. I like it here. It's chill. But there be one thing burnin' me up inside; and if you also live in or near or around the MJC, you probably know what I'm talkin' about. That's right: the trains. They be runnin' through the city at all hours, blowin' them horns and shit. 2 am, 5 am, 11:15 pm - it don't matter. Whenever they come through, they blow it up big so that everyone knows they around.
And my question is, why? Why they be doin' it? Because if you drivin', and that train comin' down your way, this big wooden thing with flashing lights comes down cross the road, all ding ding ding and shit. It will not let you through! And it's not like those trains be creepin' through the neighborhood. You hear them comin' from a looooong ways away. Know what I'm sayin'? So I don't know if that horn supposed to scare the raccoons and squirrels off the track, or what the fuck. But it don't fly with me. I mean, why not put some psychedelic laser show on the front of the train, to keep that shit clear? It'd be like, "Watch out, homey! Get back! Or I'll fuck up yo' eyes with Dark Side of the Moon." And that would not be wakin' people, neither.
It's like cell phones. People be talkin' about how they cause brain cancer. Now, maybe they do, and maybe they don't. But what we gonna do? Stop usin' them? If there's a 0.02 percent chance of gettin' brain cancer from a cell phone, people still be usin' them. Why? Because we cannot ... go back. It's like cars. We know they be risky, but we keep on usin' them. We accept the risk, because what we gonna do? Not use them? It's like hamburgers too. And I say, we can do without the horns on the bitchass trains. Because they don't scare nobody, and nobody need them. All they doin' is fuckin' with the QOL in the MJC.
And that remind me of the reason why I left Seattle. Yeahh, that's right: the drawbridges. Them, and that shitbag Tim Eyman. But mostly the drawbridges. You know what I'm talkin' about, Seattle people: you be goin' cross town, trying to take a shortcut through Montlake, and BAM! Up goes the drawbridge. And there you are, stuck in your car, holding yo' dick. All so Paul Allen can drive his big-ass boat from the one lake, to the other lake. Well, here's what I say: charge for that shit! If he wanna drive his boat through, charge his ass maybe $300 every time. You wanna fuck with traffic, and the people? Well, the people gonna fuck with you. And don't be puttin' that money in some general fund or whatever, neither. I want the man to come out the little drawbridge house with Paul Allen's money, and start handin' it out to people sittin' in cars. Damn! That shit would make my day ...

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Brian said...

Word up, bro. I hear whatcha sayin. Like, in Mad City you gots trains and in Sea-town we gots boats. The trains make tha choo-choo sounds an tha boats make the muthaf#$*n bridges go up. Both is a bunch of shizzingle, in my opinion. Move to Las Vegas, trains, no bridges, just money an bitchez. Yeah boyeeee!