Sunday, September 21, 2008

olympic moments

Before I go any further, people, I need to point out something: this is not a political blog. Maybe some of you are thinking this is a political blog, because I occasionally touch on matters political. But that's not the case. I like to think this is a solid, all-around sort of blog, more of a wedding present than anything else. But once in a while I do get some trenchant political insights, and damn if I won't share them here! But this is not the Daily Kos. This is not the Huffington Post. And in the same vein, you will not find groundbreaking articles on lemon soda at either of those sites. Keep that in mind.
So, what were we talking about? Ah yes, the Olympics. Well, like I've said before, I know the Games are over, but my commentary lives on. And I wanted to discuss my favorite Olympic moment from the 2008 Games. And this moment did not happen in the pool, or out on the court, or crawling around the edge of the Bird's Nest, or anything like that. No, this is something that took place in the political arena. Namely, George Bush taking the opportunity presented by the Olympics to chastise China for not doing enough to advance freedom and human rights.
Now, I'm not about to go to bat for China's record on freedom and human rights. That's another blog topic altogether. But what about Dubya's rank hypocrisy in bringing up this subject, when he's done more than any other president in recent memory to erode freedom and human rights in the US? See what I'm saying? Did anybody else pick up on that shit? Did you read about that at Daily Kos, or in The Nation? I may not be a full-time political blogger, but I totally think I'm on to something here. Boo yah.

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