Saturday, September 13, 2008

tri tri tri again

Last Sunday was Triathlon Day in the MJC, as the Ironman series rolled through town for their annual event here. I actually got up early enough to see the 7 am start, then passed a bunch of people during the marathon stage while out on a bike ride, and finally saw some people finish around the 13-hour mark. Damn, that stuff is inspirin'. Just the start alone, with a couple of thousand swimmers bobbing in the water, waiting for the gun, and rock music blaring over the speakers. And the finish! Can you imagine crossing the finish line after a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a marathon? Sheeee-it. That makes my "gold star day" the week before look like some kind of diaper derby.
Well, I'm gonna let you in on a secret: last year, after seeing some of the Ironman here, I looked into signing up for the 2008 event. Which was kind of foolhardy, admittedly, because I've struggled and broken down in helpless sobs both times I've tried to do just a marathon. But I'm telling you, that stuff was inspirin'! But by the time I checked it out, it was already completely filled. So, earlier this week, I steeled my nerves again, and went to the Ironman registration site. And ... the 2009 event was already totally sold out!
Yessssss! I'm saved!
But fear not, people, because I have a plan that may save me some face. After careful consideration and a little research, I'm thinking of breaking into this triathlon nonsense with a "half-Ironman," or a 70.3, or whatever you want to call it. Each stage is half the distance of a regular triathlon, which is still kind of intimidating, but maybe a good way to get my feet wet. (Get it? Swimming? Wet feet?)
More on all this stuff later. Right now I'm just talkin' the talk, but before you know it I may be walkin' the walk, and ridin' the bike, and swimmin', and breakin' down and cryin' like a little bitch baby ...

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