Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have a lot of grievances in life, and probably one of the biggest is auto-capitalization. I just hate it. I want me to be the one who decides which words get capitalized when I'm typing, not the damn computer. We've got this new EMR program at Mad City Hospital (the software's made right here in Madison by Epic!), and I cannot abbreviate anything because the first letter after a period is always auto-capped. (Well, I do abbreviate, but I don't use periods after the abbreviation. Which could be potentially dangerous, you know? In a medical document?) I guess I could just write everything out, but that would take me longer and use up my blogging time, and that's dangerous too.

I also don't like the caps lock key. Sometimes I do need to cap everything, like in a subject heading, but then I forget to turn it off and write a couple sentences in all caps, and then have to go back and re-do everything. I hate that.

But there's one key that I do like: num lock. You know, it's over on the right side of the keyboard, and locks the number pad into number function. It's awesome! Who the hell uses PgUp and PgDn and Home, anyways? But get this: on some computers at the hospital, num lock is not the default position. I mean, on my computer, it stays on and I never turn it off. But on some computers, you have to press it every time you start to use the computer. And that's just wrong. I'm sorry, but it's just wrong.

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