Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, there's nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning. I usually get my coffee at work, where we have a communal coffee maker and a cup will run you 25 cents. For some people, I guess, that kind of arrangement just wouldn't work. Some people, I know, have chic espresso machines at home, and make themselves fancy coffee drinks before they even go to work. (That is, if they even work at all ...)

That wouldn't fly for me, though. For one thing, as much as I like a good latte or cappuccino, it's kind of a luxury for me. What if I could just roll out of bed and make one? It would start to seem not as special. It's like, I love a nice panini every now and then, too. But what am I supposed to do: get a deluxe panini maker and make myself a panini at home??? Geez.

And also, I'm living in the Midwest now, and trying to adopt Midwestern ways. When I want a cup of coffee on the weekends, I pull out my little Mr. Coffee and make myself a good, honest cup of joe. No frills. No fuss.

But this morning, I was adding milk and sugar to my coffee, right next to the coffee maker, when I got hit by a thunder bolt of an idea. And I asked myself, "Next time I make coffee, what's to stop me from loading this thing up with milk instead of water?" And the answer was, "Nothing, Trevor. There's nothing stopping you from putting milk inside your coffee machine, and enjoying a nice homemade latte."

Long story short: I didn't wait for the next time. I stashed the coffee I'd already made in the fridge, and brewed up a Wisconsin latte. It's sitting right next to me as we speak, fragrant tendrils of steam curling from its surface. And the toast today had never tasted so good, and the sun's shining brightly outside, and spring is right around the corner. Hallelujah ...

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MW said...

you can also add the sugar to your brew as you brew it. just add it right in there with the grounds. this saves you the trouble of that extra step of adding in independently.